Technology Department

The Jones County School District's Technology Department is commited to providing teachers, staff, and students with resources critical for optimal teaching and learning outcomes. Our services include support for the district's:

-Network Operations

-Desktop Support Services

-Powerschool Attendance And

-Grading Packages

-Lesson Planning Software



Recent Technology Upgrades

The department remains involved in a series of upgrades to the district's technology infrastructure. District upgrades include all Elementary Schools, Learning Center, and Career center. Efforts are underway to provide wireless density with increased coverage area using new Cisco/Brocade gigabyte switches, Cisco AC\5Ghz capable access points, and robust, properly scaled uninterruptable power supplies. Prior year upgrades (in excess of $1.5 million dollars via Erate) include fiber optic cabling, new gigabit capable switches, and new access points.

These upgrades have enabled students and teachers to access the internet faster while efforts are underway to equip classrooms with Chromebooks, Windows 10 computers, and short-throw projectors; Additionally, Office 365 and G Suite productivity and collaboration software migration is planned in the future.

Access the District's Online Software Tutorials

The JCSD is pleased to offer our teachers, staff, students, and parents access to online software training tutorials. These short clips show you quickly and effectively how to accomplish tasks associated with software applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint or Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver, as well as items such as browsing the internet or pc maintenance. To access the tutorials, click here and enter your login information provided by your school.

Having a Computer Problem?

Click here to be placed in a Bomgar queue where a JCSD technician will assist you shortly. Simply click on one of the JCSD Technicians listed.When prompted, describe your problem,

and the technician will attempt to resolve the issue. If the problem cannot be fixed remotely, you will need to turn in a work order with your school contact so that a technician will be dispatched on your behalf.