Special Populations

Welcome to the homepage for the special services department of the Jones County School District. The goal of special services is to provide an instructional program that will minimize student disability and maximize learning opportunities. The purpose of special services is to provide instruction to meet the needs of eligible students ages three through twenty-one and to develop academic, social/emotional, and vocational skills.

The Jones County School District continually participates in an ongoing statewide effort to identify, locate, and evaluate children from birth to twenty-one, who may have a physical, mental, communicative, and/or emotional disability.

Early identification of children in need of special education experiences is most important to each child. You can help by referring a child in need of educational services. The child-find person works with local survey committees at the schools and other agencies to help with the process. After getting parental consent for testing, a nondiscriminatory evaluation is conducted. Students are evaluated by qualified personnel in areas related to the suspected disability.



Educational services for eligible children will not begin until the child reaches the age of three. When a child is determined eligible for special education services; we send a notification to the parent(s), then an Individual Educational Program (IEP) is developed for the student with participation of teacher, student, and parent(s). The IEP’s are reviewed/ revised every year. Reevaluations are conducted for eligible special education students every three years.



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